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The task of liquid handling between individual stations as well as actual processing. The robot software has been especially developed to be closely oriented towards customer needs. The customer is able to obtain exactly the level of expertise he or she wishes to have at special training seminars. This status ranges from elementary user protocols through to self-programming of applications. For a wide range of applications Aviso offers well established protocols which can be adapted to special customer requirements.
The Platform
TheOnyx is available in different sizes. For a small throughput and a small number of applications without additional modules like thermo cycler or microplate reader the "Baby TheOnyx" with a length of 1m is the appropriate system. TheOnyx is available in different sizes up to 2 m.

Modular design (Plug and Play)
The plug-and-play-design of the worktable allows to load or exchange modules in seconds according the application requirements. With the extended X-Rail option and the open design external devices like microplate reader, temperature controlled plate hotel, plate sealer, washer and thermo cycler can be integrated into the automated process. On request also other external devices can be integrated. Fluidic System
The flexibility of TheOnyx is reflected not only in the modular design but also in the liquid handling system.
Micro-annular gear pumps instead of syringes allow a wide dynamic pipetting range (1 µl to 1500 µl) with high accuracy and precision without any hardware. All fluidics components houses in the robotic arm. The short distance between pumps and tips allows a better fluidics control and an easy upgrade from 4 to 8 tips.
TheOnyx is offered with a 4 or 8 pipetting head with independent needles or tips with liquid level detection for each needle / tip. The pipetting head can be assembled with either disposable tips, washable needles or both. The tip size ranges from 10 µl up to 1000 µl. Varispan allows the pipetting from different plates and tubes. Each tip is also under independent Z-axis control, allowing the user to 'cherry pick' samples with all or a combination of the 8 tips.
Plate gripper tool
A rotating gripper tool gives all-round access options and integrates external modules. The lift capability of the gripper is 3 kg.
For TheOnyx a wide range of different modules for all common applications in molecular biology are available.
On request customized modules can be offered.
Liquid Handling
ALS Automated Lab Solutions offers different types of tip adapters for disposable tips and washable needles. With the Combi Tipadapter different types and sizes of disposable tips can be used during the script run. Choose filter or non-filter tips according the need for contamination avoidance. It is possible to choose disposable tips suited to specific applications: small tips for high precision & accuracy when pipetting low volumes and bigger tips to reduce the number of pipetting steps when pipetting higher volumes.
For the storage of disposable tips special Tip Racks are designed. Stackable Tip Racks for tips smaller than 1000 µl allows a efficient use of deck space.
Pipetting Positions and Reagent Racks
For TheOnyx pipetting positions for different plate types are available. Additionally temperature controlled positions for plates (round bottom plates, flat bottom plates, 96well & 384well PCR plates) with a temperature range from 4°C to 60°C are available. The temperature can be programmed in the protocol and can be changed automatically during the script run. These temperature controlled positions are also available for reagent tubes and troughs from 1.5 ml up to 400 ml.
Plate Hotels
To increase the throughput and for storage of needed plates different plate hotels are available, if desired also dark and temperature controlled for sensitive samples.
Modules for vacuum based purification protocols TheOnyx can be equipped with all modules needed for sample purification based on vacuum technology. This includes a complete software controlled vacuum unit (incl. pump, pressure reservoir, pressure measuring device), a vacuum chamber with lid for different types of filter plates and an appropriate insert for different microtiter plates or stripes.
Modules for magnetic bead based protocols Also for sample purification with magnetic beads Theonyx is well equipped. Different magnetic separators for DWP, PCR plates, round and flat bottom plates are available. To keep the beads into solution and to guarantee homogenous results special stirrer for the magnetic bead solution are available.
Different plate shakers can be installed on TheOnyx. The shakers are completely integrated into the robotic software. The shakers can be heated or cooled.
For sample tracking Theonyx is equipped with a barcode reading system. We offer barcode reader for manual use and also automated barcode reading for plates is possible.
Additional Modules (completely soft- and hardware integrated)
Thermo cycler for 96 and 384well PCR Plates
Microplate reader für Absorption, Fluorescence and Luminescence
Microplate washer
Microplate sealer

Dust cover and Trolleys
On request TheOnyx can be delivered with trolley and dust cover.

Advantages for you as user
Flexible and highly modular platform
Easy to upgrade
User friendly Software
advantages because of micro annular gear pumps instead of syringes
high pipetting accuracy and precision at low and high volumes
reduced maintenance costs
customization possible
The RoboManager software for controlling the robot and its modules was optimized together with our customers. Consequently it fulfils the requirements of a molecular biological lab.
The easy to use graphical user interface demands no programmer knowledge. Simple pipetting programs are created in a few minutes.
For advanced users the software offers many possibilities to modify the pipetting behaviour and to adapt the pipetting settings.

The complete run is documented according the GLP guidelines. Database management of samples, runs etc. is integrated.
Application fields
DNA Extraction from blood, tissue (e.g. mouse tails), cells, bacteria with magnetic bead technology
DNA Extraction from blood, tissue (e.g. mouse tails), cells, bacteria with vacuum filtration
RNA Extraction from blood, tissue, cells with magnetic bead technology
RNA Extraction from blood, tissue, cells with vacuum filtration
Plasmid purification with magnetic bead technology
Plasmid and BAC purification with vacuum filtration
Protein purification with magnetic bead technology
Setup and cycling of PCR and Sequencing reactions
Purification of PCR products with magnetic bead technology
Purification of PCR products with vacuum filtration (ultra filtration and silica-based technology)
Purification of sequencing products with magnetic bead technology
Purification of sequencing products with vacuum filtration
Sample preparation for micro array analysis (Affymetrix GeneChip® and Illumina Sentrix® arrays)
Quantification and normalisation of samples
Rearrangement of samples
Gel analysis (E-Gel, E-PAGE, home-made Agarose gels)
Gateway Cloning technology
Because of its flexibility special customized solutions can be offered.
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